Sign our Petition to the Israeli Government: Uphold the Rights of the Asylum Seekers

This petition was created in January, 2014 in solidarity with the African asylum seekers who have been marching and demonstrating for their rights in the streets of Israel over the past couple of months. Join us in urging the Prime Minister Netanyahu, Minister of Interior Gideon Saar, and Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer to cease all detention of asylum seekers without due process and to provide them with a real, transparent, and fair Refugee Status Determination procedure, one that assesses each individual's claim and provides protections and support for refugees in line with the 1951 Refugee Convention of which Israel is a signatory.

Many Israelis have expressed solidarity by marching with and supporting the asylum seekers, but they need our help, the help of the Jews in the Diaspora and of any and all individuals who believe in human rights. They need us to show the Israeli government how much we care about Israel's commitment to refugee rights and humanity.

“You must not deport to his master a slave who seeks refuge with you from his must not mistreat him” (Deuteronomy 23:16).

Note: Please feel free to add comments with more of your opinion or personal background and relationship to this issue. We will send the comments with the petitions to the recipients as well. If you are Jewish, we encourage you to note that in the comments so that the Israeli government becomes more aware that Jews in the Diaspora care about this issue. The petition is open to anyone from all backgrounds and locations to sign. Thank you!

International Petition in Solidarity with African Asylum Seekers in Israel

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, Interior Minister Gideon Saar, and Ambassador Ron Dermer,

I am writing to express my solidarity with the African asylum seekers in Israel. I am appalled by the decisions of the Israeli government to not comply with the Refugee Convention, to ignore the basic needs of a population of asylum seekers, and to detain people without due process, many of whom have been trafficked, tortured, or have escaped genocide. Israel has obligations as to how it treats these people both as a democracy and as a country founded on the Jewish values of human dignity, human rights, and respect for the other. I support the African asylum seekers’ demands that Israel provide them with a fair, transparent, and real Refugee Status Determination procedure in which each individual's claim is assessed and that Israel provide protections and support for refugees in line with the 1951 Refugee Convention of which Israel is a signatory. Asylum seekers deserve a fair chance at a good life, just the same as the Jewish people deserved a fair chance in the countries they ended up in worldwide as refugees and asylum seekers throughout our history.


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    Giving the proper welcome to our fellow refugees is one of the most important commandment of the Torah (Ve Ahavta et haGer, ki yadatem et nefesh haGer). I am disappointed, actually disgusted by the behavior of the Knesset rushing to pass another version of this discriminatory law rather than implementing the ruling of the High Court. Please see to it that we speedily implement a fair and efficient asylum application process for African asylum seekers.
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    i am an american jew who becomes daily horrified by israel’s behavior against both asylum-seekers & palestinians. this is not the judaism we are raised to live out.
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    .@netanyahu @israelinusa @gidonsaar: Uphold asylum seekers rights in israel #strikeforfreedom
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    Please have mercy and act on the basic human rights these brothers and sisters deserve. Let them be released from this prison, and if needed, let them legally move to an alternative country that will not cause them more stress and will allow them freedom of movement, economic rights, and quality of living. These are people who have already experienced, poverty, immigration, bondage, torture and now imprisonment. Have mercy and give them their basic human rights once and for all!
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    .@netanyahu @israelinusa @gidonsaar: Uphold asylum seekers rights in israel #strikeforfreedom
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    Until there is social justice for all human beings, there will not be peace.
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    I am a historian of the Afro-Atlantic World of some reknown in my extreme old age. My social commitment stems from the socialist and international solidarity of my Jewish ancestors who were active supporters of the Jewish Labor Bund dating back to the 1905 Revolution to overthrow the Czar of Russia and provide armed self defense against pogroms. My father’s family settled in the Deep South of the USA and all of us fought anti-Black racism. I hope you can understand how shocked and dismayed I am to find anti-Black racism in Israel resembling Nazi racist theories. Please clean house before it is too late. Thanks for your prompt attention.
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